About Me

Fact 1

I'm experienced. This means I've actually been there and done it. Education and training can give you so much, but what matters is applying your skills in a range of contrasting situations. You need to learn from trying things out in the field, whatever the outcome. See my Linked in profile below.

Fact 2

I've worked with international organisations based in London that expect a high standard of output. Until recently I was employed at the Institution of Structural Engineers as Education Manager. I worked for 14 years with the UK's Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society, home to Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee, plus many Nobel Prize winners. I spent a year at BSI's global HQ in the Standards Policy team.

Fact 3

I have undertaken research to Masters level and on a self-employed basis for clients. My analytical skills have been focused on policy formulation and historical interpretation, but I've also worked in commercial and education environments. Here is an example of a research proposal I produced in 2014 about subject specialist teachers.

Fact 4

You'll get on with me. I meet deadlines and communicate regularly with project sponsors/managers to be sure we're are all headed in the right direction. I'm an Associate Member of the Association for Project Management. My family is international including fluent speakers of the following languages: English; German; French; Russian; Ukrainian; Tagalog.